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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Badenweiler bicycle holidays.

If your looking to escape the winter training months let us connect you with #cts_Velo_station  based in #badenweiler Germany where they can take care of your every need.
Hilly or Flat terrain - Mountain or Road bikes available.
Looking for something more relaxing then they can arrange a tour for you on an #ebike.

Badenweiler is a health resort and spa in the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald district of Baden-W√ľrttembergGermany, historically in the Markgr√§flerland. It is 28 kilometers by road and rail from Basel, 10 kilometers from the French border, and 20 kilometers from Mulhouse. The permanent population is about 600; the nearest big city on the German side of the border is Freiburg, about 30 kilometers away. Badenweiler lies at the western edge of the famous Black Forest.

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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

To New Beginnings!!!

Many years ago when I changed from Aluminium to Carbon bike frames there was a much different sensation and I never thought I would experience this kind of joy ever again well I was wrong, today that sensation and pleasure of riding a quality bike returned.

There was a lot promised by Scotty Browns Bike Emporium but I am very pleased to say what was promised was exceeded.

Before committing to what I was to buy we had many discussions around what it is I want from a bike, whats important to me, whats my riding style - All your typical sales questions right?
Well maybe but with a difference = Customer Service.
I was once asked why I go to Scotty Browns and my response was because of the Customer Service. All of the team are knowledgeable, experienced use initiative, ingenuity and are always ready to collaborate.This project was not a bike that is already sitting on the shelf that you can walk out the door with, so during the build process there was a need for many consults to ensure the quality of product was not compromised and that I would still be completely satisfied by the end result.

My career is in sales and I fully appreciate what quality customer service looks like. To compare recently I went into a different bike store enquiring about a purchase which I already had a pretty good idea of the retail value for, but anyway when I asked for a price the response was "Oh yeah they are expensive I don't really know the price"...... I found this strange considering RRP prices are clearly advertised all over the internet......needless to say I moved on.

After much deliberation the decision was to move forward with the purchase of the newly arrived Carrera AR-01.The ride comfort is incredible along with its integrated geometry, light, rigid, aerodynamic, precise and high performance design are all qualities that clearly define a competition machine. The AR-01 is engineered to offer superior lateral firmness and exceptional torsional rigidity and you can literally feel each pedal stroke propel the bike forward.

For great service and quality products its hard to go past Scotty Browns Bike Emporium!!!!
Go ahead click on the store link to the left for contact details and go check them out.

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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Not every Wall is an "Obstacle"....

Yesterday we rode around Gore Bay and up "The Wall" a section of road that was probably about  500 mts long with an average gradient of about 18% - "Obstacle"

                         This morning the rain came down so instead I trained in the cave with                             "The Wall of Motivation"

             Then this afternoon the sun was out, so for something different it was on with the runners and off for repeats of "The Wall of Stairs " - "Obstacle"

        When your training its not just about time on the bike or in the gym. Its vital that you also allow                            enough time for the body and mind to recover. So that said now its time for the                  "The Wall of Relaxation" 

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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Ride to Support Cheviot - Post 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake.

The recent 7.5 Magnitude Canterbury Earthquakes has left many people facing great uncertainties.
Especially those small communities that surround the Christchurch region. Communities that rely on tourism to survive and keep their business operational and provide for their families.

Today the Team from the Homebase Sunday Bunch Ride would take the challenge of riding from Christchurch to Cheviot ( returning to Christchurch via Gore Bay. For some this would mean a ride length varying anywhere from approx 100km up to as far as 300km for the day.

Since the quake Cheviot has been isolated due to the State Highway tourism traffic being diverted away from its direction.

The ride began at 6am for a few from Christchurch.

As we traversed the undulating terrain north we were met by a number of others around Waipara.
The bunch had a huge range of ages and abilities in it and what a happy bunch it was.

There were about 50 riders that arrived in Cheviot where we converged on a local cafe that was arranged superficially for us to support

After filling our bellies with coffee,water, milkshakes, muffins, cakes, loads of bacon we set our sights on Gore Bay. The ride was scenic and yet challenging.

Thanks to Maree & Tony for making this ride happen, some were mentally and physically stretched but everyone had a safe and enjoyable day out.
There is no doubt that the team at Two River Cafe were also extremely grateful of the support granted to them today.

Friday, 15 August 2014

M10 Ergo Sessions

One week till the flight to Ljubljana and we are on track. .....

The ones who say "You won't" or "You can't" are probably the same ones scared that YOU WILL..........

Loven the plan given to me by teco training.
Form is feeling good