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Saturday, 7 May 2011


Peter F Drucker once said "Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quite reflection will come even more effective action."

So with reflection of what Mainline Racing has achieved so far in the 2011 racing season its time for some action and we would like to thank our contributing sponsors.

Without Chris Millen and his contributing company Mainline Waterproofing the team would not exist.
  • Chris - All our members at Mainline Racing thank you for the contribution you make to the team, and to Cycling in general in South East Queensland.  
  •  Cyc'd for bikes for the connection to Giant bikes, bike servicing and cycling accessories.         
  • The team at Science in Sport - These professional products are what keep us going during our vigorous training sessions and when in the heat of battle and racing.
  •  Upon some reflection we would also like to thank Velosure, Triple Play Team Wear, Motorama, Prendas Ciclismo, without the support you all provide, more effective action from us would be very limited.So from all members at Team Mainline Racing......
                              ----------------                    "Thank You"                    -----------------

On a personal note I would like to say thanks to Steven George at Crankstar Cycle Coaching, he provides effective individual programs, great communication and direction, he knows what it takes to get the most from you individually so you will achieve your goals

Thursday, 5 May 2011


Monday was a glorious morning and the buffet breakfast at Peppers Resort was superb.Our race wasn't until 1pm so I needed a way to keep myself busy so the nerves wouldn't build up too much, this would eventuate in cafe stop and ample time for copious amounts of coffee, sitting around with good friends and family, chatting about how the tour had progressed thus far, plus just enough time to lay down some smack with a few of our rival teams.
Stage 4 was to be a criterium a tight and technical street circuit in and around the Mantra and Peppers Resort precincts.We got together as a team to warm up and discuss options and plans to implement through the upcoming race.The road was dry and the pace was expected to be very fast.As we gather to wait for the start we're told that due to the amount of time lost from crashes in other races ours has now been reduced to just 30minutes.I was starting only some 3.3 secs behind the leader and our plan was to go out hard and fast and attack the field time and time again.

The first Lap and we come into what was probably the fastest corner on the circuit for the day a sharp 90 deg bend at the bottom of a decent Andrew Gerber was on the front with a Gold Coast rider 2nd wheel, Andrew was flying and hooks into the corner, he just about comes down but somehow manages to keep it upright, then the attacks start. The attacks were a real mixed bag, some were forced by us and some were created by others while the bunch endeavoured to keep it all together.The course is so tight and winding that pace dictates the bunch is single file for most for the race.Mindful that I need to gain a gap between myself and the leader of the tour Peter Roper, Matt Ryan makes his way to the front and just keeps driving the pace. The two of us keep working and swapping off.

After a few laps we tire and the bunch brings us back, I,m back on the front working in with a few other riders from Data3, they too tire and then Matt is back with a massive effort we grind away lap after lap, before long we manage to break the back of the chasing teams.The gap is consistently around 8 seconds, this is enough at this stage to give the team the tour win, but the job was done yet.While Matt and I are off the front the rest of team are doing everything possible to interrupt the chasing group.We are getting towards the end of the race and really flying in and out of the corners. I recall during the race that 2 corners each and every lap I hoped going in, that I would hold onto the line and come out the other side ok.
 I was so impressed with my "Giant TCR Advanced SL" this thing seriously corners like its on rails. My coach Steven George "Crankstar Coaching" even told me after the race he thought some of those corners would be the end of us, both Matty and myself were pulling out all the stops.

This course is so tight and close to the crowd that your hear them calling out names sometimes yours, sometimes others, most the time you just hear a blur of team names as you whizz past at some 50kms an hour.The laps zoom by and time mounts up before you know it. Matty calls out " three laps to,come on keep pushing" as we roll past the start finish line. The gap is still about 7 seconds and we are both starting to tire now, but Matty is unrelenting and keeps his head down and drives on. The bunch know its now or never and they too are bearing down on us.The bell rings to signify the last lap, Matty comes past me and now is on the front charging out of each corner for the last time, sprinting from corner to corner, pushing up each rise, cutting the apex to the final descending corner gain any advantage possible, and then driving it up a short sharp rise for final time, I look around and see the bunch approaching, as we come into view of the finish line I break out from behind Matt and launch for the line finishing some 9 seconds clear of the the bunch as they converge on the finish line.There is such a feeling of relief at the end of an event like this, remember this has been the culmination of three days of racing but in some cases months of training and preparation.

The net result ========TEAM MAINLINE RACING ====== BOTB TOUR WINNERS 2011


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

BOTB ... Stage 3

Stage 3 was an out and back course traversing a loop just inland from race central “Salt Resort”. It was another early start as we marshall for our race briefing at 6.30. At the start of this stage I was 6.5 seconds off 1st place so Team Mainline had a plan to recover this time. Chris attacked straight away but today he would not be given the freedom as he was in stage 2, the bunch were straight on him and he was not really given any chance to break away. There were many attacks up and over some of the small rolling hills, there was also an open flat section that was windy so here was also a good opportunity to create a break, however everybody was marking each other and the bunch stayed together until the first climb.
Dave Croswell from Data3 once again took up the lead with a very steady tempo, I was pretty comfortable to just sit there and then once again with about 100mtrs I was able to get the advantage and claim the first of two KOMs from today’s race. The decent was a perfect opportunity for me to try and escape off the front however the bunch would not let anything go up the road for now.
Our plan for the day was to recover those few seconds so we continued many attempts at forcing breaks. Eventually there was small opportunity Matt Ryan, Dave Croswell and Craig Taylor manage to roll away off the front. With Mainline and Data3 in the break we had no reason to chase it down.This was probably the most pleasurable part of the complete tour,finally a break I’m not in and don’t  have to chase down.The Gold Coast team “D3 Construction” who currently held the tour lead now had their hand forced and had to chase the break. They had all their guys on the front working and working until eventually they would one by one blow up like a little mushroom cloud. This was perfect for us as it left the leader exposed with less help.
The break continued to extend its lead as the bunch chase was really disorganised, they continued over the KOM which was taken this time by Dave Croswell. We eventually crest the KOM and then start heading for home winding and climbing some 90 seconds behind the break away. All they way back from here there are little moves to try and limit the time loss the break would eventually impose on the bunch. With about 5 kms to go Chris snaps off the front to stretch out about a 300m is my chance, I drop down a few gears stand up and smack it to bridge across, just as I jump to bridge Andrew Gerber boxes the leader in so he is unable to follow me across.
Chris resumes TT position but the bunch is chasing hard, we come into the final corners the only find the course has been changed while we are out racing. Well this really throws everybody into a panic, do we go left? Do we go right? There are cars stopped at the intersection on the road where we should be racing, there are road barricades placed everywhere. OK where do I go? Well lucky for me I picked the correct path while I leave mass confusion behind.
The break of 3 successfully stayed away I get over the finish line some 3 seconds ahead of the rest of the bunch in forth position. Congratulations Matt Ryan on the stage win.

The VOC in QLD

The “Voice of Cycling” Luke Lucas was working hard at the recent QSM event the Tour De Tweed or otherwise known as the Battle on the Boarder.

Luke is well known in QLD among cycling and triathlon individuals & clubs, he has called many one day and tour events. He has a very good ability to keep any event interesting to watch and entertaining even for those who maybe attending an event for the first time. Because he has been around the QLD scene for so long he knows a great many of the participants by name, which also keeps it professional and personalised.

ps     Good Luck in your upcoming Gold Coast Half Marathon

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

BOTB . Stage 2

A few hours pass and we head off to marshalling for stage 2. I think I had a sleep while we waited for the race briefing......Blah... Blah ...Blah ... Something......

---- At this point I needed to wake up real quick... So once again I turn to my trusty SIS Energy of these and I'm good to go.

 This would probably be a defining stage it was only 110kms long but approx 1450mtrs of climbing. The course was one that envolved some bumpy, pot hole peppered dead roads and a range to traverse that as a "sprinter" I was extremely weary of.

The race was underway and Chris Millen our team owner and respected racer amoung his peers attacked from the gun. This was perfect he took another rider with him and got away thru some bends and over a few small rolling hills. Very quickly he was away and out of site. This year the course was slightly different from last so in 2011 with only about 7km of the race completed we tackle Barringbar Range for the 1st of 6 climbs.With our man up the road Lucas sat in front and controlled the pace perfectly so there are no attacks from other teams. The decent was a little wet and slippery so we all took our time to keep it safe, while Chris's lead extended with each pedal stroke. The race is moving along then we are all passed by Elite A grade. Somebody yells out "Chris was sent the wrong way by the commissaires". Well that's just ridiculous...... I once again suck on a water bottle containing SIS GO Electrolytes and gather my thoughts.... The result was not pleasent for the rest of the peloton... Angry Tim came out and attacked the feild making opposing teams work to chase me down. I'm bought back just at the base of the climb again by Dave Croswell, I'm very well aware of his climbing ability and decide to sit on his wheel, then from nowhere Matt Ryan rolls up behind me, this is a good thing, 2 on 1.... Nice. I said to Matty "ok go" thinking that Dave would follow, Matty says "no not yet I just bridged across" " ok I'll hit him then".  Dave sat on my wheel and thats to be expected from anyone in his situation he was just sitting there waiting to drop the hammer however I pulled off to the side making him come around me... now I'm back in control, the KOM is visible at the crest of the range with about 150 mtrs to go I step out from behind to shoot past him and secure the first lot of points available. At that point I turned up the pace and rode solo for probably the next 10kms just to be bought back once again by the persistent pursuing bunch. Feeling like I need a boost I'm back tomy pocket for yet another tasty SIS Gel.Now after turning at the far end of the loop we're heading back towards the range over a few nasty pinching hills. Peter Roper from Gold Coast club starts an attack and I went with him. We keep pushing hard to the KOM where I once again claim the points and extend my lead a bit further. Roper and I continue off on our own extending our lead to over 3 mins at one point,  just chipping away, tempo the climbs, hit the the decents and solid on any flat road. By now I've consumed all the SIS GO Gels I had with me. Coming up to the KOM for last time we are both tiring but this time Roper just had slightly better legs than I, he claimed the KOM and continued on to win the stage by approx 20 secs.

So by end of stage 2 I finished 2nd on GC and leading the KOM classification.


BOTB ... Stage 1

Well we were off to the Shire of the Tweed this weekend for the annual QSM Tour de Tweed or also known as Battle on the Boarder aka BOTB.

During the tour I was staying at Peppers Salt Resort & Spa rooming with Matt Ryan another of my team mates. We were up early and as expected it was cold and wet, we scull our espresso and scoff our breakfast, pack the final bits into the car, meet the rest of Team Mainline and then head off to the start of stage 1 a 5.5km time trial. The weather was still dubious and we managed to find shelter under a local store roof. After warming up on rollers it was off to the start line.

Beep beep beep and it's on. Typically a standard time trial is all about putting oneself thru as much pain on a bike for as long as you can in measured process but I think the short distance of only 5.5km really caught me a little by surprise. It was pretty much over before I realized .Did I hurt enough to win the stage?                     

 I finished 2nd to my team mate Andy Pattern. He pulled out a great result some 4secs clear of me. Congrats Andy...... At the end of stage 1 Team Mainline had 5 placed in the top 10........ This was an awesome result and meant the stages to follow would be hotly contested.