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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Ride to Support Cheviot - Post 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake.

The recent 7.5 Magnitude Canterbury Earthquakes has left many people facing great uncertainties.
Especially those small communities that surround the Christchurch region. Communities that rely on tourism to survive and keep their business operational and provide for their families.

Today the Team from the Homebase Sunday Bunch Ride would take the challenge of riding from Christchurch to Cheviot ( returning to Christchurch via Gore Bay. For some this would mean a ride length varying anywhere from approx 100km up to as far as 300km for the day.

Since the quake Cheviot has been isolated due to the State Highway tourism traffic being diverted away from its direction.

The ride began at 6am for a few from Christchurch.

As we traversed the undulating terrain north we were met by a number of others around Waipara.
The bunch had a huge range of ages and abilities in it and what a happy bunch it was.

There were about 50 riders that arrived in Cheviot where we converged on a local cafe that was arranged superficially for us to support

After filling our bellies with coffee,water, milkshakes, muffins, cakes, loads of bacon we set our sights on Gore Bay. The ride was scenic and yet challenging.

Thanks to Maree & Tony for making this ride happen, some were mentally and physically stretched but everyone had a safe and enjoyable day out.
There is no doubt that the team at Two River Cafe were also extremely grateful of the support granted to them today.

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